Key MEA Legislative Priorities for 2023

From school safety and student mental health to curriculum flexibility and overhauling how public education is paid for in Michigan, there is a long list of pro-education policies that the Legislature and Gov. Whitmer need to address over the long term.

MEA’s legislative agenda for the coming years is set by the MEA Legislation Commission, which includes members from across the state and is informed from input gathered from rank-and-file members. The commission’s report for 2023-25 will be considered by the MEA Board of Directors and published later this spring.

In the short run, however, several areas need immediate attention in Lansing that have been brought up repeatedly by MEA members since the successful 2022 elections. While far from exhaustive, these are some of the issues that MEA is working with lawmakers to accomplish in 2023 and beyond.

◼ Student Academic Support
◼ Evaluation & Testing
◼ Collective Bargaining & Job Security Rights
◼ Educator Compensation
◼ Public Education Funding

Regarding “right-to-work” repeal and public sector workers

Repealing Michigan’s so-called “right-to-work” law is a Democratic legislative priority, but a 2018 U.S. Supreme Court ruling in the Janus v. AFSCME case will keep that repeal from impacting public education employees and other public workers. While MEA supports repealing right-to-work for our private-sector union sisters and brothers (including private-sector MEA members), a repeal will not apply to the vast majority of MEA members without a reversal of the court’s Janus ruling. Read more at

NOTE: MEA members have been sharing thoughts about legislative priorities through the MEA Legislation Commission’s input process — you can still share your thoughts at