Sometimes You Gotta Have Fun

A picture of smiling AEM members.Teaching is hard. Being a student is hard. It’s important for mental and physical health to remember to still have fun, so we are highlighting fun activities enjoyed by Aspiring Educators of Michigan (AEM) and Michigan New Educators (MiNE) members across the state.

In July, Aspiring Educator leaders from college campuses throughout Michigan came together at the MEA Headquarters in East Lansing to enjoy a day of networking and learning. While the focus was on leadership training for these chapter and state leaders, the day also featured a number of “Minute-to-Win-It” style events.

Wayne State University was the overall victor and earned both bragging rights and the ability to keep Ollie the AEM Owl until next year’s Leadership Training Day.

MiNE members also took time to network and have fun.

Kent City Community Schools hosted an amazing MiNE event for Early Career Educators at Cedar Springs Brewery. Members took part in a teacher edition of “What Do You Meme?” And all were rolling in laughter! Teachers were tasked with creating captions for a variety of pictures.

MiNE Representative Allison O’Connell led this wonderful offering.

A picture of the Temple Theatre marquee.Another fun event was held for six locals (Freeland EA, Saginaw EA, Saginaw Township EA and OP, Essexville Hampton EA and Carrollton EA) who came together to host a MiNE event before the Bored Teachers Comedy Tour in Saginaw.

The 2023 Bored Teachers tour, called “We Can’t Make This Stuff Up,” featured a group of educators and former educators whose funny videos about the profession grew in popularity via social media during the pandemic. Various performers rotated through the tour season.

The Saginaw MiNE pre-show event hosted more than 80 members who enjoyed great food, refreshments, and company. In addition to great member turnout, MEA Secretary-Treasurer Aaron Eling, MESSA Representative RaShaaun Watson, UniServ Director Jean Weiss, and local leaders from each unit came to mingle.

Be sure to follow AEM and MiNE on social media to stay up on our latest offerings! And this winter break and into the new year, remember to spend time with people you enjoy and do fun things that make you smile and laugh.

Happy new year!




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