Sometimes You Gotta Have Fun

Teaching is hard. Being a student is hard. It’s important for mental and physical health to remember to still have fun, so we are highlighting fun activities enjoyed by Aspiring Educators of Michigan (AEM) and Michigan New Educators (MiNE) members across the state. In July, Aspiring Educator leaders from college campuses throughout Michigan came together […]

AEM Elects Leaders for 2023-2024

Each year in connection with the MEA Conference for Aspiring and Early Career Educators, Aspiring Educators of Michigan (AEM) members are invited to vote for state leaders who will serve as the AEM Board of Directors. This year, we are pleased to announce our members have elected Abriana White as President and Aryana Jharia as […]

THE FUTURE IS NOW – The Sometimes Forgotten Benefit

Many people think of collective bargaining for salary, benefits and working conditions as the most essential benefit of union membership, but the solidarity created by belonging to a union family is at least as important. That solidarity was demonstrated recently through the work of both AEM (Aspiring Educators of Michigan) members and MiNE (Michigan New […]

Learn more about new Future Educator Fellowship

The MI Future Educator Fellowship — a groundbreaking new program to provide $10,000 scholarships to 2,500 future educators in Michigan every year — is not open for applications yet. But the state has put out a new FAQ and a sign-up form to be notified when the application opens. To be eligible, students must file […]