Statement from MEA President on UAW working toward a contract settlement

EAST LANSING — Michigan Education Association President Chandra Madafferi, a teacher from Oakland County, released the following statement Friday:

“We hope a resolution can be found soon in the contract negotiations between the UAW and the Detroit Three automakers. The economic impacts of a drawn-out work stoppage would be devastating for our local communities, including autoworkers and their families, small businesses and their employees, and the students and parents MEA members work with across Michigan.

“American autoworkers made massive sacrifices during the Great Recession to save the auto companies. Now that the Detroit Three are once again profitable, it is only right that hardworking UAW members be acknowledged for their work and that workers aren’t pitted against one another. We strongly believe in the collective bargaining process and urge the Detroit automakers to find a quick and equitable solution to this work stoppage that properly compensates their employees and treats them with the dignity they deserve.”

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