Whitmer Urges Release of Federal Funds—ADD YOUR VOICE! 

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer called out GOP leaders in the state House and Senate today for withholding federal COVID relief money approved by Congress last December, which included $1.7 billion for the state’s schools to address safety concerns amid the pandemic.

More than 95% of schools in the state have announced plans for some level of in-person learning to resume by March 1, a goal that Whitmer set in January when she prioritized educators to receive vaccinations, she said.

“In order to reach this goal and be successful, we’ve got to get that COVID recovery plan done,” she said. “The Legislature has got to do their part.”

Under her recovery plan for schools, Whitmer is seeking to add $300 million in state funding to the federal dollars still awaiting release by Republican leaders in the state House and Senate.

Add your voice to the call for elected leaders to do the right thing and distribute the relief monies that Congress has sent!

Tell lawmakers to stop holding federal funding hostage to political demands related to Whitmer’s handling of the public health emergency and to fully distribute the funds to schools, as intended by bipartisan action in Washington in December.

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One thought on “Whitmer Urges Release of Federal Funds—ADD YOUR VOICE! 

  1. This is too important to our children and families in the state of Michigan. The federal money needs to be distributed immediately so that districts can plan and educational support can be provided to our young people.

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