Why I Belong: Higher Ed in Focus

Why I Belong: Higher Ed in Focus

This series of articles explores the members and leaders who make up MEA’s Michigan Association of Higher Education (MAHE). In these conversations, we discuss today’s issues; why the labor movement matters; and how the union protects, advocates, and advances the rights of educators to promote quality education for all students.

Why I Belong: Lansing Community College’s Eva Menefee

Eva Menefee says her interest in academic advising grew out of a bad experience she had as a young undergraduate student seeking guidance from an advisor. “I wanted to be an accountant, which at that time meant getting into the school of business. I can remember going to see the advisor, and he said, ‘People like you don’t become accountants.’…

Why I Belong: Dr. David Jesuit

Dr. David Jesuit developed an interest in languages and cultures growing up the son of two bilingual education teachers in Chicago. As a young man, he was drawn to explore answers to big political questions – the very issues today driving debate and concern over the health of American democracy. “My dissertation focused on how voter turnout affects policy outcomes.…