Above and Beyond: Musicians show support

School bands, orchestras and choirs around the country recorded performances of the Oxford fight song as a show of support after the tragedy. More than 80 videos were posted in the span of two weeks during December that showed bands, orchestras and choirs from Michigan to New York, North Carolina, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and more performing the Oxford fight song after quickly learning it. OHS band student Somer Lach stitched together snippets from many videos into one. In a Facebook post sharing her compilation video, Lach wrote: “Many different bands, many different styles, and many different places… No matter where us band kids are or how old we are or how experienced we are, we can always come together to create something beautiful like this in a time of need and tragedy.” Written in 1944 by an Oxford High School student, the school’s fight song serves as the last bell of the school day. View Lach’s compilation video at tinyurl.com/OHSfightsong.

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Oxford Strong: One Year In

Stories by Brenda Ortega, MEA Voice Editor In the months after a troubled student opened fire with a semiautomatic weapon in the hallways of Oxford High School one year ago, destroying lives and devastating the community, the long process of grieving and healing began. It will continue over many years ahead. Read the stories below […]