American Rescue Plan delivered crucial support to neighborhood public schools

The American Rescue Plan (ARP), touted by President Biden as “gamechanger,” delivered vital funding to Michigan’s public schools in the wake of the pandemic.

Prior to the pandemic in 2019, the federal government provided $1.7 billion in support to Michigan’s education budget. By 2021, that number swelled to $7.9 billion with the support of Democrats in Michigan’s congressional delegation.

Representatives Elissa Slotkin and Dan Kildee were key in nearly quintupling federal support for Michigan schools, delivering hundreds of millions of dollars for schools in their districts. This aligns with their long records of supporting our students and fighting to pay educators a fair wage.

Schools across Michigan have used this new funding to recruit and retain teachers and support staff, explore new and creative ways to support student learning, and create a safer learning and working environment.  See how much your school district got in new federal funding.

Ongoing support for important programs like ARP will continue to ensure that children in our communities have the support they need in the classroom – Slotkin, Kildee and other congressional candidates, like Hillary Scholten and Carl Marlinga, will be key to those future decisions in Congress.

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