We Must Advocate and We are Not Alone

Amid critical educator shortages, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is focused on delivering support and resources in her proposed education budget for next fiscal year with plans to use ongoing state revenue increases to shore up public schools as they respond to ongoing effects of the pandemic. In contrast, Republican leaders in the House and Senate issued […]

Forming a Higher Ed Union

Frequently Asked Questions What does it mean for us to form a union? Forming a union allows you and your colleagues to come together and advocate for yourselves. As union members, you’ll decide what priorities you share and how to address them. While you will elect your own officers and board, that’s just the beginning. [...]

MEA Members Share Reasons Behind Educator Shortages

Several MEA members, including Michigan Teacher of the Year Leah Porter, testified last week at a hearing on the varied causes behind growing educator shortages before the Appropriations Subcommittee on School Aid and Department of Education. The subcommittee, chaired by Rep. Brad Paquette (R-Niles), heard wide-ranging explanations for why educators are leaving the profession and […]

Local Actions Combat Bullying Behavior at Board Meetings

Engagement * Bargaining * Advocacy * Justice * Empowerment * Support by Brenda Ortega MEA Voice Editor One philosophy of the union bargaining team at Clarkston Community Schools says if it’s a problem for one, it’s a problem for all. For local president Daryl Biallas, that value now extends to a spate of attacks on […]