Standing Together For Gun Safety

Standing Together for Gun Safety

We are tired of watching gun violence cut short the lives of students and educators.  Elected officials must take action NOW.

Contact Michigan Lawmakers Today

Contact your state lawmakers to urge action on common-sense gun safety reforms. After Oxford and MSU and too many other instances of gun violence in our schools, it’s time for action to address this scourge affecting our students and educators.

Join the Protect Our Schools Action Team

We need your help. Join a growing group of educators who are committed to taking action to protect our students and colleagues. Sign up today for the Protect Our Schools Action Team.

Order an orange MEA gun safety advocacy shirt

Orange is the national color for gun safety, which is why MEA has special orange shirts available to show your support for the cause as an educator. Get yours today.


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Michigan is in the middle of the pack in both its gun law strength and its gun violence rate, and does not have a recent track record of passing meaningful gun safety legislation. Learn more.

A Plan to Keep Students Safe

School is the last place where kids should have to worry about gun violence. Our children deserve better. Our country deserves better. Learn more from Everytown for Gun Safety about how to stop shootings and gun violence in schools.