Bill packages propose significant gun safety reforms

In light of the tragedy on MSU’s campus, the following bills have been introduced in the State Senate and House and will likely see quick action:

  • SB 76/ HB 4138 – Would require license or background check for purchase of firearms.
  • SB 77/ HB 4142 – Updates references to a pistol in the State’s penal code. TIE BAR WITH SB 76.
  • SB 78 / HB 4143 -Updates references in sentencing guidelines.
  • SB 79/ HB 4144 – Provides for penalties for storing or leaving a firearm where it may be accessed by a minor.
  • SB 80 / HB 4139 -Updates sentencing guidelines for weapons.
  • SB 81 / HB 4141 -Would exempt sales tax for firearm safety devices, safes, lockboxes, and trigger locks.
  • SB 82 / HB 4140 -Would exempt use tax for firearm safety devices, safes, lockboxes, and trigger locks.
  • SB 83/ HB 4146 – Would enact an extreme risk protection order, also known as a “red flag” law.
  • SB 84/ HB 4145 – Would prohibit purchase of firearms by an individual who has an extreme risk protection order. TIE BAR WITH SB 83.
  • SB 85/ HB 4148 – Enacts sentencing guidelines for making a false statements in relation to an extreme risk protection order.
  • SB 86/ HB 4147 – Would allow court fees for the service of processing extreme protection order actions.

The House also introduced HB 4149 and 4150, which would make all buildings owned or leased by the state concealed weapon-free and gun free zones, respectively.

Hearings on these bills will be held in the Senate Civil Rights, Judiciary, and Public Safety Committee and the House Judiciary Committee.

Stay tuned to for more information as it becomes available.

Take a moment now to contact your lawmakers and urge support for SBs 76-86 and HBs 4138-4150. After Oxford and MSU and too many other instances of gun violence in our schools, it’s time for action to address gun violence that affects our students and educators – and the new legislative majorities in Lansing are ready to do so.

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