House committee to act on bill gagging curriculum on race, gender issues

The House Education Committee voted along party lines Tuesday to forward a bill to the House floor seeking to bar discussion in schools about important issues of race and gender in classrooms and limit the professional expertise of educators to help students develop important critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.

Sponsored by Rep. Andrew Beeler (R-Fort Gratiot), HB 5097 would bar “any form of race or gender stereotyping” in curriculum, which the bill broadly defines to include virtually all discussion about race and gender differences in American history and society.

Proponents link this bill to invented controversy over critical race theory – something that is not even taught in K-12 curriculum. MEA opposes this legislation, which would stop educators from working with students to develop an understanding about our nation’s history with race and gender differences and how to work for a more equal society.

Respecting educators means trusting their professional expertise – not putting gag orders on curriculum that feed already-hostile discussions about race and gender at the local level. Please contact your state representative today and urge them to oppose HB 5097.

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    1. I certainly agree with Ms Rose. Next we’ll see efforts to teach that pi equals 3, as was done in Indiana in the 1800s. What will these ignoramuses dream up next?

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