In The News: Educators on burnout; New study on school reopening and COVID

Two important news stories are worth your attention as the New Year is underway:

–          Bridge Magazine talked with a cross-section of Michigan teachers about the burnout they and students are experiencing during this unprecedented school year.  The story featured MEA members from across the state, discussing challenges in virtual teaching and learning and how educators and students are reacting to those issues.

–          A new study from MSU’s Education Policy Innovation Collaborative (EPIC) found that in-person instruction did not contribute to community spread of COVID-19, so long as the infection rates in the community were lower.  Coverage from Chalkbeat of this and another study did point out that higher infection rates brought more risk – which reinforces the importance of the pre-holiday pause in in-person high school classes and other gatherings.  The EPIC study also reinforced the importance of adherence to safety precautions in controlling spread of the virus in school settings.

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