MEA announces candidate recommendations ahead of August primary election

EAST LANSING — Prior to the August primary election, MEA is proud to announce candidates who have earned the recommendation of MEA members through the union’s Screening & Recommendation process. The process, which looks at candidates’ positions on education and labor issues, is decided by MEA members who serve on S&R committees, based on policies and procedures adopted by members elected to the governing bodies of MEA and the MEA-PAC.

Other than statewide races (which are decided by MEA’s Statewide S&R Committee composed of educators from across the state), decisions about MEA candidate recommendations are made at the local level. Recommendations for federal offices are subject to final approval from the NEA Fund for Children & Public Education. If a recommendation is not listed below, the local S&R committee may have chosen not to make a recommendation prior to the primary or is still proceeding through the screening process as of the publication date of this list. MEA will issue further recommendations prior to the general election.

MEA recommended candidates for the Aug. 2 primary election include:

  • Governor: Gretchen Whitmer
  • Congressional – 3rd District: Hillary Scholten
  • Congressional – 6th District: Debbie Dingell
  • Congressional – 7th District: Elissa Slotkin
  • Congressional – 8th District: Dan Kildee
  • Congressional – 10th District: Carl Marlinga
  • Congressional – 12th District: Rashida Tlaib
  • State Senate – 1st District: Erika Geiss
  • State Senate – 2nd District: Sylvia Santana
  • State Senate – 3rd District: Stephanie Chang
  • State Senate – 4th District: Darrin Camilleri
  • State Senate – 5th District: Dayna Polehanki
  • State Senate – 7th District: Jeremy Moss
  • State Senate – 9th District: Padma Kuppa
  • State Senate – 10th District: Paul Wojno
  • State Senate – 11th District: Veronica Klinefelt
  • State Senate – 12th District: Kevin Hertel
  • State Senate – 13th District: Rosemary Bayer
  • State Senate – 15th District: Jeff Irwin
  • State Senate – 19th District: Sean McCann
  • State Senate – 21st District: Sarah Anthony
  • State Senate – 25th District: Bert Van Dyke
  • State Senate – 27th District: John Cherry
  • State Senate – 28th District: Sam Singh
  • State Senate – 29th District: Winnie Brinks
  • State Senate – 30th District: David LaGrand
  • State Senate – 35th District: Kristen McDonald Rivet
  • State House – 1st District: Tyrone Carter
  • State House – 2nd District: Tullio Liberati
  • State House – 3rd District: Alabas Farhat
  • State House – 6th District: Regina Weiss
  • State House – 7th District: Helena Scott
  • State House – 9th District: Abraham Aiyash
  • State House – 10th District: Joe Tate
  • State House – 12th District: Richard Steenland
  • State House – 13th District: Lori Stone
  • State House – 16th District: Stephanie Young
  • State House – 17th District: Laurie Pohutsky
  • State House – 18th District: Jason Hoskins
  • State House – 19th District: Samantha Steckloff
  • State House – 20th District: Kenneth Ferguson
  • State House – 21st District: Kelly Breen
  • State House – 22nd District: Matthew Koleszar
  • State House – 23rd District: Jason Morgan
  • State House – 24th District: Ranjeev Puri
  • State House – 25th District: Kevin Coleman
  • State House – 26th District: Dylan Wegela
  • State House – 27th District: Jaime Churches
  • State House – 28th District: Rob Kull
  • State House – 29th District: Alex Garza
  • State House – 31st District: Reggie Miller
  • State House – 33rd District: Felicia Brabec
  • State House – 40th District: Christine Morse
  • State House – 41st District: Julie Rogers
  • State House – 44th District: Jim Haadsma
  • State House – 49th District: Christina Kafkakis
  • State House – 53rd District: Brenda Carter
  • State House – 58th District: Nate Shannon
  • State House – 65th District: Mark Lingeman
  • State House – 69th District: Jenifer Almassy
  • State House – 70th District: Cynthia Neeley
  • State House – 71st District: Mark Zacharda
  • State House – 73rd District: Julie Brixie
  • State House – 74th District: Kara Hope
  • State House – 76th District: Angela Witwer
  • State House – 81st District: Rachel Hood
  • State House – 84th District: Carol Glanville
  • State House – 92nd District: Anthony Feig
  • State House – 94th District: Amos O’Neal
  • State House – 96th District: Kim Coonan
  • State House – 97th District: Paul Whitney
  • State House – 98th District: Robert Mroczek

“The mission of the MEA is to protect, advocate, and advance the rights of all education professionals to promote quality public education for all students.”


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