School bus safety bills pass House

On Tuesday, the State House overwhelmingly passed bipartisan, MEA-supported legislation designed to improve safety on Michigan school busses.

Two of the bills, HBs 4201 & 4203, would prohibit unauthorized individuals from entering a school bus without the driver’s permission and allow for notices on busses about the prohibition.

HBs 4202 & 4204 aim to prevent drivers from passing stopped busses by allowing for the installation of camera systems on bus stop arms and provide for that footage to be used in traffic violation proceedings to punish violators.

Originally introduced last term, supporters of the legislation point to serious bus safety concerns that need to be addressed. Unauthorized individuals on a bus are a danger to students and drivers alike, while drivers choosing to violate the law by passing stopped busses is an accident risk for students and parents at bus stops.

All four bills passed with more than 100 yes votes in the House.  The bills now proceed to the Senate for their consideration.

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