School district cited and fined for COVID safety violations

South Lake Public Schools in Macomb County was cited and fined $9,800 last week by the state for COVID-19 safety violations.

According to MIOSHA, the district was among eight workplaces cited and fined for violating workplace rules to protect employees and the public from the coronavirus. From the department’s Friday news release:

“South Lake Public Schools in Saint Clair Shores, Michigan, was fined $4,900 for violations of COVID-19 workplace safety requirements under the general duty clause including not developing an infectious disease preparedness and response plan that can guide protective actions against COVID-19; not providing COVID-19 training to employees; and not conducting daily in-person or virtual health checks of employees before they entered the facility. The employer was also fined $4,900 for not having a written hazard communication program developed, implemented, and maintained.”

The penalties stemmed from a complaint made to MIOSHA by an employee – you can read the full citation document here.

Where necessary because districts are not adequately addressing safety issues, MEA is working with members to file complaints with MIOSHA, either individually or on behalf of groups of employees.

If you need assistance with COVID-19 workplace safety issues, contact your local MEA UniServ director. Complaints can be filed with MIOSHA online or by calling their hotline at 855-SAFEC19 (855-723-3219).

To learn more, visit MIOSHA’s COVID Workplace Safety page at

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