Send a Message of Support to Oxford

Hundreds of MEA members have been directly affected by the tragic school shooting at Oxford High School, including those who work in the district and others who work in neighboring districts but live in Oxford and have children attending schools there.

MEA has arranged for trauma-certified counselors to provide crisis counseling to those members in coming days to process the horrific events of last week and express grief and other emotions.

You can help, too.

MEA has set up a form  for you to send a message of love and support to the Oxford education community. Let them know you are with them and together, as one union family, we will lift up each other and get through these dark times.

Send your message today.

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7 thoughts on “Send a Message of Support to Oxford

  1. My heart is with you all. I know you are devoted to the healing of your school community. Sending love and support.

  2. I am a retired teacher that worked in Waterford and used to live in Lake Orion and now reside in Clarkston. I am heartbroken for all of the education support staff, students parents, families and friends of all of you and the victims. I pray throughout the day for all of you to be able to find comfort in each other and begin to rebuild your lives after this horrible tragedy. Madisyn Baldwin went to the elementary school I used to teach at. I remember her cute and beautiful smile when we passed in the hallway. Know you are not alone in this tragedy. Many of us are quietly walking beside you. Blessings and peace.

  3. While there are no words to comfort you or make things better. Do know that there are so many more communities praying for you and thinking of you on a constant basis doing what we they can to help. We are all in support of Oxford Strong!

  4. I taught for 38 years and my heart breaks for the Oxford community. What can we as a country do st stop these senseless killings? Oxford Strong!

  5. Blessings on each of you tasked with the education of the oxford children! Stay strong and stand together – our best is accomplished collectively. We’re here for you💔

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