Tell Lawmakers to Send ALL Federal COVID Relief to Students, Schools Today!

Lawmakers in both the State House and State Senate are delaying release of bipartisan federal education funding meant to help schools address the COVID-19 pandemic, continuing political maneuvering instead of distributing taxpayer dollars the way Congress intended.

Michigan House Republicans passed a proposal that made distribution of these critical funds to schools contingent on the governor giving up important powers to protect public health, including closing schools and suspending activities like athletics if data about how the virus is spreading warrants it.

Meanwhile, a new Senate Republican proposal would dole out federal funds piecemeal, rather than letting districts make decisions now about steps needed to keep students and school employees safe (especially in light of new CDC guidelines for returning to in-person learning safely).

“Michigan’s public schools need funding immediately to support the dedicated, hardworking educators who are serving the unique needs of students and families during this pandemic and beyond,” said MEA President Paula Herbart. “We must unleash all the approved federal funding today so our public schools can continue safely educating the leaders of tomorrow. Our students and the educators who serve them deserve immediate action, not partisan games.”

Take a moment today to send a message to your State Representative and Senator urging them to send federal money to schools right away. Tell Lansing lawmakers to put students first and FUND OUR SCHOOLS!

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  1. Federal money doled out for COVID relief needs to be sent to the public schools and our students NOW. Withholding these monies is unethical, immoral, and disgusting. Stop stealing money from our future and support public schools IMMEDIATELY! Our futures depend on it, literally!

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