Above and Beyond

Three MEA members who launched an innovative “Incubator” class last year at Novi High School achieved their “moon shot” this week—they paid it forward by donating $5,000 in profits from product sales to help start a similar class at Dearborn’s Fordson High School. Macy’s matched their gift. Novi’s incubator class is all about students taking opportunities and running with them, according to teacher Jodi Forster. “This class provides students with a chance to be altruistic, to think bigger than themselves, to collaborate with people that we wouldn’t normally get a chance to work with,” Forster said. “It feels amazing to see students create their own individual projects, and to see it come to fruition over the course of the year is wonderful.” Read more at mea.org/novi-pays-forward.

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Make voice heard at upcoming redistricting hearings

The new Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission – created by the Voters Not Politicians 2018 ballot measure – is holding hearings to help develop new legislative district maps for the next decade. For the first time, residents can provide input about how voting boundaries are drawn, including regarding “communities of interest” that are important for […]

UPDATED: Senate acts on federal relief funding

UPDATE – June 15: The Senate took quick action this morning, unanimously passing a substitute version of HB 4421 that primarily does what we’ve been requesting for months – send federal COVID relief funding owed to districts immediately.  This is a BIG win for Michigan schools – if the House concurs with the Senate’s version of HB 4421, […]