Delta professor seeks change through history

MEA member Amy French disrupts students’ expectations in the history classes she leads at Delta College in Bay County’s University Center by asking at the outset: “So what am I teaching this semester?” French isn’t joking or trying to catch anyone napping with her day-one question. As head of Delta’s history department, French is acknowledging […]

SVSU profs: AI can boost creativity

Phillip Hanson had “a bit of an existential crisis” when a new AI image generator emerged 18 months ago. An accomplished painter and digital artist, he realized artificial intelligence could achieve visual effects like his – only much faster. Having undertaken an art project using the system, called Midjourney, Hanson then made another discovery: leveraging […]

CMU prof on AI: ‘We can do this. We have to.’

Gabrielle Likavec keeps up with research to guide her instruction as a teaching and learning consultant working with aspiring educators at Central Michigan University. The MEA member notes a few key points from early data emerging on AI. > Within five months of ChatGPT’s release, 79% of surveyed C-suite executives reported at least occasional use […]

Supporting MEA’s Strategic Direction

MEA staff and members are advancing racial and social justice in education as part of the MEA Strategic Plan. For future events, watch your email inbox for the Center for Leadership & Learning’s new monthly newsletter: AT THE CENTER. GOAL: HELP RECRUIT, ENGAGE, AND RETAIN A DIVERSE POPULATION OF EDUCATORS THAT ARE REFLECTIVE OF THE […]

Saginaw Valley prof talks design and preparing students for careers

MEA member J. Blake Johnson received MEA’s Distinguished Servant of Public Education Award for the Cardinal Solutions program he founded at Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU) in 2013, which allows students to do design and other work for local nonprofits and businesses before graduation. ____________________________________________________________________ What art and design work did you do before becoming […]