Meet the 2019-20 MiNE team

Skye Kapinus
grade 4-5 teacher
second year
Lansing Public Schools

“I appreciate the support that you get from being part of a union. You don’t feel so alone. I have this community with me; they’ve been through this before, and they know what I’m going through.”




Brittney Maczala
grade 2-3 teacher
fourth year
Monroe Public Schools

“My first year I stayed late all the time, but my second year people said, ‘No. Go home.’ So I slowly did change. And then last year I said, ‘Nope. I’m going to go work out after school and release this stress.’”



Amanda Henderson
high school German teacher
fourth year
Rochester Community Schools

“Personal learning and growth is just as important as learning about a new classroom management technique because if you’re not happy, if you’re not enjoying what you do, you can’t give students what they need.”




Danielle Werner
grade 4 teacher
fourth year
Bay City Public Schools

“We can keep new educators from leaving—we can. But we need to make sure they’re feeling supported and having opportunities to connect with people that can relate to them.”





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