Standing United with Oxford’s Educators and Students

Dear MEA Family,

I wanted to reach out to you today to offer my heartfelt thoughts and emotions in the wake of yesterday’s senseless tragedy in Oxford. Words can’t convey all that those of us in the education community are feeling with another school shooting shattering what should be a safe space.

Yesterday, NEA President Becky Pringle and I issued this joint statement to publicly acknowledge those harmed and killed, to praise the swift work of first responders, and to plainly state the need for our society to come together and take action to end the epidemic of gun violence.

Today, even as details are still emerging around yesterday’s horrifying events, I wanted to share what is happening in the immediate aftermath to support our friends and colleagues in Oxford. But I also want to emphasize MEA’s commitment going forward to stand united against school violence and to continue advocating for the right resources and policies to ensure our schools are safe – and that students and educators have the support they need. Please watch and share this video message.

Along with my fellow MEA officers, I’ve spoken and visited with so many of you this fall – we know the tremendous pressures weighing on everyone working in our schools right now. Together, as union sisters and brothers, we will lift up each other and get through these dark times.

I know you all join me in sending love and support to all those grieving in Oxford and across our state.

In solidarity,

Paula Herbart
MEA President

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