Big Changes in Public Service Loan Forgiveness Announced

An overhaul of the broken federal Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF) announced on Wednesday is meant to restore the promise made to educators and other public service employees who have suffered under the program’s 98% rejection rate. Changes include a limited one-year waiver that allows all payments by student borrowers to count toward PSLF, […]

NEA Report: Student Debt Hinders Educators

NEA has released a first-of-its-kind report on the impact of a growing mountain of student loan debt among educators. The report, “Student Loan Debt Among Educators: A National Crisis,” found that no segment of educators is immune from the burden of student loan debt – not young educators, not older and more experienced educators, and […]

Aspiring Educators Find Community in Service

In an annual tradition made difficult by the pandemic, aspiring educators from Michigan State University have again completed a service project at an area school to show appreciation to educators and see firsthand the power of community in education. The group of about 20 future educators spruced up a staff lounge at Waverly Middle School […]

Education students seek changes in teacher prep program

EAST LANSING — Members of MEA’s aspiring educators program, Aspiring Educators of Michigan (AEM), have begun an effort to enact changes in the Teacher Preparation Program in the College of Education at Michigan State University. AEM members who are education students at MSU have created the group “Empowering Spartan Educators,” and are working to create […]

Member Spotlight: Kat Sibalwa

Last March Kat Sibalwa, Byron Center High School teacher and BCEA co-president, was set to talk about MEA with soon‑to‑graduate aspiring educators at Grand Valley State University. Then the pandemic hit, and suddenly she was teaching from home with two small children and a husband working in health care. Had you presented to aspiring educators before? […]