MEA Targets Unfair Layoff

Jennifer Schwein taught kindergarten for 14 years in Riverview Community School District, where she earned an “effective” rating on every year-end evaluation she received. Yet she was pink-slipped in 2015 ahead of others—including a less experienced teacher who also scored “effective” but with lower numeric scores. Schwein, 51, still has not been recalled to a…

Loss of Librarians Hurts Literacy Efforts

By Brenda Ortega

MEA Editor

Certified school librarians are an endangered species in Michigan.

Even as politicians have toughened academic standards and passed a strict new third grade reading law, school districts across the state have cut professional library staff to balance budgets under pressure from state per-pupil funding cuts.

Member Spotlight – MEA-Retired member Ruth Westbrook

Little do her Michigan friends know, but MEA-Retired member Ruth Westbrook – who worked at schools in Pontiac, Highland Park, and Troy – has lived out scenes similar to the Academy Award-winning movie Hidden Figures. Westbrook, 76, followed in the footsteps of African-American women depicted in the film, human math computers at NASA who fought segregation and discrimination to build trailblazing careers at the space agency.