“Fund our Schools! Fund our schools!”

Thousands of public school supporters from across the state repeatedly broke into thunderous chants accompanied by banging noise makers and waving homemade signs at two June #RedForEd rallies at the Capitol to press for adequate state funding of public education.

In these pages, soak up some inspiration and resolve to join the fight!

At press time for this magazine, it appeared the battle was not over—the Republican-led Legislature took a summer break without passing a budget despite a looming Oct. 1 deadline.

Check out coverage from the rallies.

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Paula Herbart Candidate for President Bio MEA President Herbart took office in 2017.  A music teacher from Macomb County, Herbart served as local president, 6-E coordinating council chair and president of MEA/NEA Local 1 and was on the MEA and NEA Board of Directors. She has served as Vice-President/Mid-West Region on the National Council of […]