MEA Voice Magazine – April 2022 Issue

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2 thoughts on “MEA Voice Magazine – April 2022 Issue

  1. Just finished reading the April/May issue of the Voice and wanted to tell you how uplifting and inspiring it was. I’m impressed with the wonderful work being done by teachers and members of the AEM Social Justice Committee and the Michigan Education Justice Coalition on behalf of students, especially helping BIPOC and other at-risk kids, as well as the efforts to provide schools with more of the resource staff like librarians, counselors, nurses, behavior specialists, etc,. that are often missing. Great issue! But more importantly, it’s heartening to hear about so many great people giving their wonderful talents to help improve our public schools.

  2. I particularly liked the Shared Reasons Behind Educator Shortages (overwhelmed & Unheared), yes we need a voice. I am running for Union President and this magazine gives great news about the successes of other distract in negotiations (especially your Feb/March issue).
    Thanks and keep up the good work. Give us info. on how to negotiate better wages. Our district receives 43% lower pay than the national average but the public thinks we are overpaid because our reputation is Stellar. Also, how can we post or present our dire situation to the public to inform them and get their support? We need a Platform!!

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